About Us

About us

Our Team

50+ Years of combined experience in construction, project management, acquisitions and investment capital placement.

Bill Larson

For more than 35 years, Bill has designed, managed, and built developments across multiple asset classes both locally and nationally. Bill has created, seasoned, and successfully exited multiple companies in the real estate development world, as well as owning and developing diverse real estate portfolios. For the last 15 years, Bill has acted as owner/operator of a top commercial general contractor in Southern California developing approx. $50M per year with developments and licenses in multiple states.

Bill’s depth of experience in quick adaptability in the residential, commercial, and multi-family products, gives Cove Capital the strength to complete projects on the strictest development timelines and budgets with the highest quality standards ensuring the maximum rate of return on investment.

Casey Chapman

Casey is a real estate re-developer and investor with an eye for local and national value-add opportunities. His mission is to “Build Hearts Through Homes!” After working in institutional asset management and nationwide general contracting, Casey led a San Diego residential portfolio in the acquisition and redevelopment of over 200+ SFRs between 2017 and 2021. Over that time, Casey managed over $65M in acquisitions, and over $10M in construction budgets.

Over the past 7 years, Casey has focused on acquisitions and market strategy and has a keen attraction to building valuable relationships with some of the industry’s best. Having spent the past two years as owner/operator of a boutique residential redeveloper, Casey now steps into the unit-add development market with COVE Capital with unmatched ability to identify profitable opportunities.

Our Vision

Identify value-add opportunities within the SFR, Low-density multi-family markets of San Diego County, and create additional units to maximize income potential.

Provide Investors with safe and strong investment options to maximize the demand for rental units countywide.

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We follow a path to guide you toward financial independence. Our experts work closely with you to understand your goals, assess your risk tolerance, and create a tailored investment strategy that aligns with your aspirations.

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Let’s discuss your goals and map out a tailored plan for you to benefit from San Diego’s real estate potential. Your path to financial success starts here.